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standy , flex standy

Flex Standee

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flex standy , standy
Different sizes in Feets are available for show all the information of the products like in Real Estate Use On site To attract the Customer ,Display messages and images and Contact Info to the public.

We have Several sizes and Types available as Per The Requirement.
1. 2 x 6 (In Feets )
2. 3 x 6 (In Feets )
3. 2.5 x 6 (In Feets )
4. 3.5x 6 (In Feets )
With Starting prices Of Rs 900/- Only.

Flex Stand

High Quality flex Easy to use and setup in 15 sec and easy To Carry to One Place To another.
Now a days Flex standy is very popular in the market for the advertising of the product .

standy , flex standy

This range has a most demanded in events , conferences , For Indications , for Notice and exhibition for advertise purposes. Standy is a powerful display banner for the large format Advertising market.
Best Advantage it can be use for Indoor And outdoor Both.


Our range is designed and installed under the supervision of experienced professionals, after comprehending the exact requirements of the clients.
We analised the requirement and make the design as per customer requirement then print the design after the final approval from the client.
Now You can Order You Product On Phone we will deliver On Your Destination .
Courier Facilty Available (Charges Apply )

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